Episode Playlists

Heaven’s Lounge II
poem by Christoophe Mertens

songs exotic, soft erotic
make the pain all go away
voices of choices and choirs of noises
smooth me over, make me stay

beats of breath and beads of sweat
when we fight our passion dance
undercover, naked lover
together we might stand a chance.

Heaven’s Lounge – Thanksgiving Lounge 2012 “Long Life”
Snapshot Tokyo – State Azure
Deep Under Water – Lasteden
Ti Amo – Lasteden
Remember When… – State Azure
Breathe – Bliss
Ti Voglio Bene – Christopher Goze
The Other Side – Paul Adam
Trust in your love – Bliss feat Ane Brun
In your arms – Eddi Front
Wildflower – Wildlife
My Heart Still Beats For You – Anna Ternheim
The Return – Bliss
Forest Rain – CJ RCM
A Quiet Converstion – Bliss
Lost Soul – Bliss
Long Life – Bliss

Heaven’s Lounge – A New Beginning – April 2012
Consciousness feat James JTraitz – Johannes Jaeger
Savannah – Thomas Lemmer
Early Sunrise feat S. Khovansky – Matisse & Jury Jet
Waterlove – Alleone
Lovely Evening – Marga Sol
De Nuit – Thomas Lemmer
El Carino – Smooth Deluxe
Medina – Smooth Deluxe
Teardrops In The Night – Passalo
Don’t Say Nothing – Newton
Forbidden – Allmeadow/Rob Costlow
RUB – Smeraldo
A Divine Kingdom – Chaos In Cairo
Clair De Lune – Claude Chagall

Heaven’s Lounge – Thank Heaven’s Lounge 2011
November 24th, 2011
1 The Road Is Lonesome – Club Des Belugas
2 Smeraldo – RUB
3 Esso – Raffika Dionisio
4 Inner Truth – Ingo Herrmann
5 Feeling Like A River – Santerna
6 Change – Bluetech and Katrina Blackstone
7 To Mend – Bluetech, Lynx, Janover
8 Birds – Torn Sail (Cos/Mes Remix)
9 Rainy Day – Thomas Lemmer
10 The Lighthouse – Bong
11 Just One Day – Water
12 Between Heaven and Angels – Anima Infinity

Heaven’s Lounge – AIR (July Mix)
by DJ Peter Canellis

1. Waiting – Illitheas
2. Morning Air – Mark Khoen
3. Awake – Cymatics
4. Until the Sunrise – Daytripper
5. Little Heart – Illitheas
6. Thing Called Love – Above and Beyond
7. Sun Is Shining – Reunited
8. Wonderful Time – Fade
9. In Faith We Trust – Lisaya
10. Spiral – Robert Nickson
11. Arrivals – Timewave

Heaven’s Lounge – Morning Breeze (May Mix)
by Dj Peter Canellis
1. Eleventh – Jimmy Galle
2. Change – Sonic Element (Tom Fall remix)
3. I Will Find You – Sara Grimaldi ( Thomas Schwartz re-edit)
4. Diffused Memories – Soarsweep
5. Fortune – Vasiliy Goodkov (remode)
6. Never Grow Up – Soarsweep
7. Start Again – Will Holland feat Jeza
8. Between Us – Smart Apes (Ramiro Puente Rabbit remix)
9. Someday – Whiteroom feat Amy Cooper (Gai Barrone remix)
10. Illuminate – Bartlett Bros and Amex (Aurosonic Remix)

Thanksgiving Lounge 2010 Beautiful Whispers

Communication – lowland
Beautiful Morning – Unknown
For a Moment – Rainfairy
A Blue Kind Sphere – Faro
Eternal Nights – Airosource
Dreaming – Muller
Your Love – Aelyn
Heaven – Ingo Herrmann
Beautiful – Orkidea

Future Sound of Heavens Lounge
Chapter 1 – Oak Shine
Reflection of the Past – Gurban Abassli
Future – Area 42
Starlight – Flict
Explorers – Flict
Against The Wind – Flict
Days That Passed By – Alexander Volosnikov
Meerleucht – Alexander Volosnikov
Ennophonic – Redlounge Orchestra

Christmas 2010 ” A Christmas Story”

The Christmas Shoes – Newsong
Instrumental – Future of Forestry
Winter Song – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
The Earth Stood Still – Future of Forestry
Breath of Heaven – Sara Groves
Joseph’s Lullaby – Mercy Me
Welcome to the World – Matthew West
What child is this – ZoeGirl
Drummer boy – Jars of Clay
Biosphere (intermission) – Gurban Abbasli
Do you hear what I hear – Todd Agnew
Christmastime is here – Jars of Clay
I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Christmas Day – Michael W. Smith
O Holy night – Point of Grace

Christmas In Space 2009
Antonymes – Antonymes
This Christmas – Amethyste
Velvet Dreams – DJ San Martino
Einfluestern – Elektrohandel
Snowdrops – Chris Nemmo
Ice Dancer – Ralf Hildenbeutel
Peace On Earth – Amethyste
It’s Christmas – Amethyste
Hello Mr. Space Robot – Dennis Rusnak
In The Middle – 4 Tunes
Dreamcatcher – Blue Stone
What Child Is This – Vortangle
The Oddity Interval – Al-Pha-x
Walk On Water – Sonica
Moon Beat – Ltj X-perience
Stratosphere – Desert Dwellers
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Rosemary Clooney

Thanksgiving Lounge 2009
Lifecycle – Forerunners Offshore Mix – Forerunners
Tears of Armenia – Manvel Ter-Pogosyan
Indians – Luciano Piazza
Es Veda – Cosmic Duffy Guitar – Starchillaz
TRbal Rain – Aladyah
Agnus Dei – Cammiloo
Violet Sisters – Arlean Project
Vapourous – El Siane
Josephine – Audiosphere
Sweet Sweet Robot – Andy Hagerty
Letting Go – Adam Nickey
Remember Last Autumn – Santerna

Steamworks #5
Thoughts – Dave Schiemann (lost stories)
Genesis – Freigiest
Generator – Tempo Giusto
Santiago – Stoneface and Terminal
Sunny Moon – Mobilize
Crystal Source – Ilya Soloviev
Mulberry Harbour – Trebbiano
Walk The Edge – Alex Morph
Not A Lot Left – Myon and Shane
L.E.D. – Airwave
Last Sunrise – Tempo Giusto
Black Stones – Evbointh

Steamworks #4
22 – Tempo Giusto
13th Angel – The Orange
Stadium Four – Lange
The Deep Devine – Ronski Speed
Buzz – Above and Beyond pres Tranquility
The Price of Oil – Mat Zo
The Name – Tempo Giusto
Wonders – Airbase feat Floria
Summer Sun – Blank and Jones

Steamworks #3
Spacewalk – Tempo Giusto
Tears Don’t Drop – Mobilize
Drops of Jupiter – Filo and Peri
Ocean Feeling – Tempo Giusto
Strawberry Fields – Estiva
Head In The Clouds – Asbjorn
Worlds Beyond – Renov 8
Ocean – Stower/Young
Thesis – Renoise
Crusader – Tempo Giusto

Steamworks #2
Standing by my side – Musestta
Silence – Sarah MacLaughlan
Fluff – Axass and Eryc
Say Youll Stay – Peter Dafnous
Saltwater – Dj Tatana
Disconnected – Myon and Shane
X – Tempo Giusto
Destination – DT8
Face To Face – Armin Van Buuren

Steamworks #1
Beyond The Dome – Rize
Minutae – Rize
Universal Nation – Push
Am Alive – Shiha, Dr. K, Nii
Children – Simone Anes
Herbstblatt – Tigran
Jumping Frequency – Ittaca NY
Quadratic Maze – Tempo Giusto
Enjoy The Silence – Yvan and Dan Daniel
One Among Others – Tempo Giusto

Greek Islands Cruise (Saturday Night #2)
Tocas Miracle – Fragma
Spring Breeze – DJ Tatana
Halo – Beyonce
Going Wrong – Armin Van Buuren
Promisedland – Wippenberg
Love Story – Nadia Ali
Last One Out – Myon and Shane 54
The Fractal Universe – Matt Zo
Sunrise – Geert Huiniik
Bahia – Der Mystik and Alex Reliic
Lonely Girl – Above and Beyond (Gareth Emery Mix)
Mirage – Sean Summers

Greek Islands Cruise (Saturday Night #1)
Sounds Of Nature
Summerfish – Leo Rudnick
SOS – Ian Carey
Brasil – Chris Reece
Aphrodisia – Tanja La Croix
Sirens Of The Sea – Above and Beyond
Tonight – Dirty Vegas
Imagination – Jes
Sunset and Pinacolada – Alongshore
The World Is Mine – David Guetta
Canonball – Dinka
Soulmate – Dinka
When Love Takes Over – David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland
Change The World – The Frontiers
Tocas Miracle – Fragma

Heavens Trance #29
The SunSeeker

Tears Don’t Drop – Poonik and Oxide
Drops Of Jupiter – Filo and Peri
Come Around Again – Signum 2009
Thesis – MIDOR and Octagen
Interfere – Airbase
Lonely Girl – Above and Beyond (Ronski Speed Mix)
The Deep Divine – Ronski Speed
This – Leon Boiler
Wonders – Airbase

Peters Birthday Mix
Get Here – Tracey Ackerman
Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young
High – Lighthouse Family
Summerfish – Leonid Rudnik
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Left To My Own Devices – Pet Shop Boys
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
One Love – David Guetta
Breathe – Vick Moore
Hold On To My Love – Jimmy Ruffin
Souvenirs – Voyage
We Are The People – Empire Of The Sun
We Are Electric – Fischerspooner
Electric Dreams – Giorgio Moroder
Change The World – Frontier
You Look Like The Sun – 2 Colours
Fools Paradise – Donna Lewis
Touched By God – Alucard
Leche – Sudha
Mirror – Solarstone
Moments In Love – The Rhythm Divine
Sand In My Shoes – Dido

Daniel and Guys Gay Pride Cocktail Party
Summerfish – Leonid Rudnik
Shadows – Those usual suspects
For An Angel – Paul Van Dyk
When Love Takes Over – Kelly Rowland
Hush Hush – Pussy Kat Dolls
What I cannot Change – Leann Rimes
Day At The Beach – Filterheadz
Every Breath – Sting
Daybreak – Tritonal
Maui Sunset – Alex Chicott
Sunrise – Geert
Unforgiveable – AVB
Last One Out – Myon and Shane
The Fractal Universe – Mat Zo

Heavens Trance 022 (Sunrise, Uplifting Trance Set)
1. Never Be Alone – Sysembot vs 33 feat Costa
2. Mystery Islands and Stefan Cambridge Present Chapter G8
3. Beat Design – Orjan Nilsen presents O&R
4. Summer Tide – Dan Stone and Phil Young (Rozza Remix)
5. Mirada – Steven Force
6. Loveshy – Grenz/Burian
7. Exceptionnel – JJE presents 2nd Opinion
8. The Forgiven – The Mystery
9. Tears Of A Saint – Avernus
10. Eris – Jamala (Airborne Angel Remix)

My Wish (Oscar and Melissa)
This Love – Craig Armstrong
Rapture – IIO
Broken Wings – David Furtado
The One – Shaman
One More Try – Timmy T
Come Into My Life – Erotica
La Passifluer – Tape 5
Kissing – Bliss
Me Vas A Entranar – Pepe Aquilar
What’s Love Got To Do With It – Ritmo Del Monde
Don’t Know Why – Cecile Brendie
Touch My Body – Mariah Carey
I Melt With You – Nouvelle
Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
My Wish – Rascal Flatts

Summer Chill
Lament Of The Lost – Jan Vayne
A New Age – Invisible Sounds
View From Nowhere – Misabishi
Tears For Monks – Opium Lounge
Missing – ATB
Lost – Sunlounger
Till The Sky Falls Down – Dash Berlin
Never Fade Away – John O’Callaghan
Lasting Memories – Cassino and Labin
Summer Dream – Kuffdam and Plant
Who Do You Love Now – Riva and Danni Minoque

Heaven’s Trance Episode #18 (5-30-09)
Interference – Airbase
Reflection – Nick Murray
Metropolis – Gareth Emery
Summer Calling – Andain
Floating Beyond – Bartlett and Dyor
I’m Not Alone – Calvin Harris
Thesis – Octagen and MIDOR
Starfighter – Haylon
Your Heart – Ryan Kite
Every Lesson Learned – John O’Callaghan

Art Institute Of Chicago’s Modern Wing Gala Opening Event 5-09-09
Northern Lights – Sun Electric
Helio Sun – Spex
Breakwater – Airillusions
In Your Eyes – Big
Aerer – Redlounge Orchestra
Chilly Angel – Evren Fortuna
Hello Mr. Space Robot – Denis Rusnak
Solstice – Sambox
Fyresvatn – Asle Bjorn
A New Age – Invisible Sounds
Running Grooves #4
Falling – Sunny Lax
Lighthouse – Sean Tyas
One Tear Away – Airbase
Nyctolopia – Will B
Coming Around Again – Signum
Beyond – Leon Bolier

Raindrops (Exotic Electronica)
Stratoshpere – Desert Dwellers
POU – Carbon Based Lifeforms
Emotion – Nikon
Prayers For Rain – Bluetech (ott remix)
Sensuality – Nikon
Desert Fall – Blue Match
Hibernation – Hibernation
Pesekoimisou – Ailo
Kitty Galore – Nuve
Hoop Dreams – Fragile State
Aatmatyaag – Midival Punditz
It’s Gonna Rain – 3 Wise Monkeys
Laments of the lost – Jan Vanye
Flying Thru The Rain – Tau Kita
Nearly The Perfect – Arto Kumanto

Welcome to My World

Beautiful Lie – Keemo/Tim Royko
Too Small Too Low – Eelke Kleijn and Francesco PIco
Show Me Love – Robin S (Dj Peter Canellis Re-work)
If you knew – Chris Lake
Out of control – Tim Healy
The Hunted – Alkatraz
Every Breath – Sting meets Delaat
Daybreak – Tritonal
Destination – DT8
Face to Face – AVB
What If – AVB
Tears Don’t Drop – Oxide and Poonik
Last One Out – Myon and Shane 54
Black Stones – Evonbith
Sunrise – Sied Van riel and Geert

Heavens Trance 4
Masochrist – Dj Orkidea
Fabulous – Santerna feat Loetto
Reason To Believe – Dokmai
Circles – Mallorca feat jackie
Take a Look and See – Paul Miller pres Motion Blur
Verano – Samara – Roger Shah mix
Selene – Tradeus – Karbyde and Scylla mix
Sea – DJ Ange
Edward Carnby – Tiesto
A Star within A Star – Mark Sherry

Heavens Trance 003
Vampire – Myon/Shane 54 feat Carrie Skipper
L.E.D. There Be Light – Rank 1
Not A Lot Left – Shane 54/Myon
Stars – Dyor
Walk The Edge – Sied Van Rhyl
Black Stones – Evbointh
Lake of Dreams – Earthscape
Love Always Fades – Dave Graham
Delusion – Super 8 ,Tab
I Ran – Darude

Thanksgiving Lounge
Strangeworld – Push
Love Comes Quickly – Pet Shop Boys
Gymnopedie – Eric Satie
Unknown Treasure – Blank and Jones
Indian Chants – Sacred Spirits
Naked – Anoushka Shankar
Sonargeon – Baul Dimension
Heaven and Earth
Lazy and Fluidity – Mirror System
Flex – Mirror System
Good Morning London – Kaya Project
I Forgive – Sounds From The Ground
Habla – Lemongrass
Twilight Stolen – Module
Thank You – Dido

Eyes On The Future
Childrens Prayer – Astrid North
Szerelem – Valvano
Kojo No Tuski – Sublunar
Drift Away – Keenan and Anderson
Finding A Cloud To Ride – Yosebu
Rainmaker – The Movement
Your Magic – Thomas Datt
Saturn Sky – Thomas Datt
Breakwater – Airillusions
Evaporate – Thomas Datt
One – Derek the bandit
Miss You – DJ Cosmo
My Fault – Thomas Datt

Subsonic Therapy Radio Show 11-10-08
Hide and Seek – Kyau and Albert (Lange Mix)
In Balance – Cold Blue
Trapped – Myon and Shane 54
Hold Me Up – D:Folt feat Marcie (Summer Sessions Mix)
Find Your Way – Michael Angelo vs Solo Feat Vicky Fee ( Mike Shiver Garden State Mix)
Mexican Vegabound – Tempo Guisto
First Touch – Thomas Feijk (Corydalics Second Touch mix)
Lost Love – Denga and Manus (Vengeance Mix)
Pare Pare – Tarkan (Tiesto mix)
Strange World – Push (Karybde and Scylla Mix)

Chicago Marathon Journey #4
Phoria – Majai
Monique – Adam Studtko vs Sundriver
Forever Playing – Aerium
Pare Pare – Tarkan
Bliss – Nish
The Longest Journey – Algarve
Giving Up Giving In – Signum
Angels Crying- Krash

Chicago Marathon Journey #3 Going Strong
Punta Galera – Sunlounger
Lost – Sunlounger
Cold Winds – Jonas Steur
Blueprint – Stoneface and Terminal
Nature One – ATB
Starlight – Rob De Lacey
Please Forgive – Eddie Sender
Hidden Depths – Ehren Stowers
Way Of Life – Ehren Stowers
Breathless – Ibiza Knights

Chicago Marathon Journey #2 Cruise Control
Heart of the Sun (cont) – Sunlounger
Change Your MInd – SunloungerOne More Day – Sunlounger
Meditterean – Sunlounger
Crash and Burn – Nadia Ali
Jefferson Peak – Trebbiano
Day At The Beach – Filterheadz
Walk Away – Lange
Catwalk – Sunlounger
Sunny Tales – Sunlounger
Your Name – Sunlounger

Chicago Marathon Journey #1
I would die for you – Chainside
She Wants Him – The Police (remixed by mousse clarke)
Boracay – Dennis De Laat
Bruised Waters – Natasha Bedinfield (Michael Woods)
Power of You featuring Christian Burns – Allure
Helpless – Headstrong featuring Shelly (funky electro house mix)
Push – Shiloh
No Air – Jordan (Tiesto)
Songless – Lange (boy h.)
Balearic Sunrise – Sunlounger
Spiritual Hideout – Sunlounger
Heart of The Sun – Sunlounger


Sacred Cycles – Peter Lazonby
Stilhed – Mike Sheridan
Sacre Coer – Tina Dico
Kitty Galore – Nove
Sleep In My Arms – Sally Shapiro
Sonargeon – Baul Dimension
South Of The Border – Andy Cato
Save Our World – Kiorda Dakin
Et Magisk Ojeblik – Svaerd and Leth
Fyrestavn – Asle Bjorn
Panishpere – Asura
Aerer – Redlounge Orchestra
Drifting – August
Aurora – Noise From Heaven
Afterrain – Asura
Nearly The Perfect – Arto Kumanto

Peters Birthday Set

Worthy – Bluetech
Blossom – Jes
Loungin de Janiero –
Kissing – bliss
Children – Robert Miles
Feel The Sun Rise
Evolution – Peter Canellis and Kamile
All The Time
Give Me Your Love
Underwater Love

Market Days / Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon
Wasted – Andy Duguid
The Storm – Jerry Ropero (Inpenitto Mix)
Angel – Natasha Bedenfield (Chicane Mix)
Letting You Go – Blake Lewis
Bazarus of Silence – Mark Norman
Rush – Sied Van Reid
Off The World – Lange
Mulberry Harbour – Trebbiano
When My Sattelite Falls – Lustral
Power of You – Allure
The Calling – Solar Stone (Orkidea Mix)
Ocean De Etoiles – LOLO
Desert Rose – el Cortez
Reason To Believe – Dokmai
We Rise – Georgia vs Stimulator
Ocean Drive – Leon Boiler
Love Comes Again – BT (Tiesto Mix)
Beatitude – Duderstadt
Beyond – Leon Boiler
Equinox – Luna Park

Dreaming Of You
Heaven – Jes
Afterglow – Northern Skyline
Famous Cruises – Ben Benjamin
Lullaby – Edison Gem
Love Comes First – Techno Squirrells
Like A Waterfall – Jes
Last Sunday – Sonorous ( jurgen remix)
God Put A Smile On My Face – Coldplay
Hold Me – Mike Caro and Franc
Alright – Pilot Speed
I Feel Loved – Depeche Mode
You’re Not Alone – Olive
Desert Fall – Blue Match

Surea Disc #3 of 6 12am-1am
Kali-Follow Me – Remixed DJ Peter Canellis
In Your Eyes – Klubjumpers
In My Arms – Plumb
La Guitarra – Orjan Nilsen
Walk The Edge – Sied Van Ried
Different Day Different Light – Progression
Dream Flight – Erik De Koning
Fallen Tides – Mark Pledger
Save One Love – Stone N Forward
Desert Rose – El Cortez
Moorea – Airbase

Aerus – The Landing Disc 2 of 6 6am-7am
Orbital Overture – Pan Electric
Rising Slowly – Pan Electric
Fabulous – Santerna feat Leotto
Dreamer – Offremixer
Retrovision – Mirco De Govia
Daydreamin – Blank and Jones
Secrets and Lies – Blank and Jones
Sex On The Beach – Luis Garcia
Offshore – Chicane meets Pan Electric
Zumaware – Pan Electric
Flaming June – Elles
Precious – Vargo
The Moment – Vargo
Loneliness – bobo
Laguna – Andrea Torrano

Surea – The Darker Side Disc 2 of 6 11pm – 12am
The World Is Mind – David Guetta
Sound Of Your Soul – DJ Orkidea
Sanctuary – Origene
Miracle Cure – Blank and Jones
If You Should Go feat Susanna – Duderstandt Dub – Armin Van burren
If You Would’nt Mind – Sunshine Jones
Don’t Belong – DJ Phynn
Let The Game Begin – Matthew Dekay, Proluctors
Behind Closed Doors – Jaime and Kenny
Body of Conflict – Cosmic Gate
Songless – Lange
Kali – Mojado

Surea – The Darker Side Disc 1 of 6 10pm-11pm
Not Alone – Deadmau5
Familiar Places – Envotion
Narc Simon – Rober Nickerson
Talk – Coldplay
Too Free Too Follow – Stephen J. Kroos
Invicible – Sied Van Riel
Remember Us Tarkan – DJ Tarkan
Flowers From Heaven – Air Hustlers
Long Distance – Adam K
Starfire At Night – Phynn

Aerus – Lost In Space Mix
Relaxation, Recovery Music
Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis

Celestial Trance – Unknown
Endless Silence – ATB
Northern Lights – Sun Electric
Emotional Heater Parts 1 and 2 – Gentle People
Private Universe – Jon Hopkins
Devotion – Atoi
Tranquility Base – Rainbow Serpent
Tribute – Bucket and Spades Mix – Friends Lovers and Family
Apeiron – Mirco De Govia
Retrovision – Mirco De Govia
Spaced – Entheogenic
David Tibet – Unknown
The Blue and Purple Starship of Trust – Bassland Prophecies

Universal Sole Lakefront 10 miler – Running To The Beat
Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis

Rain Stars – Solarstone
When My Satellite Falls Down – Lustral
Flowers From Heaven – Air Hustlers
Gods Garden – DJ Orkidea
Masochrist – DJ Orkidea
Fallen Tides – Melinda Gareh
Ocean Drive – Leon Boiler
Alive – Randy Boyer
How Long – Aly and Fila
Say The Words – Ben Gold
Beautiful Together – Ocean Lab

“The Longin”

Kiss me to oblivion, deep
inside my heart, a soul to keep
behind closed doors.
I’ve long lost mine,
I hope it’s yours.

So we can fill the emptyness
and forget the bloddy mess
we left behind
to eventually know happiness
you are always on my mind.


The Longin’ Mixed by llyan
Breathe – Bliss
Center of the Sun – Conjure One
Sattelite – BT
Sublunar – Sleepthief
I’m calling out – Blue metheny
The moment – Vargo
49% – Röyksopp
The Metro – Sleepthief
One Design – Mooli
Delorian – Atomica
Here with me – Dido
This Love – Craig Armstrong & Elizabeth Fraser
Tango To Evora – Loreena Mckennit
Fairytale – Enya

Beautiful Endeavors Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis
Reach Me – First State
Faith – Starecase
Sitaro – End-jy
Lost In You – Miiki Kiusma
Do You Feel Me – Julie Thompson
Somewhere – Julie Thompson
Love All The Pain Away – Kyau & Albert
Love Comes First – Techno Squirrels
Fall To Pieces – Jonas Steur
Colour My Eyes – Mark Norman (Global Experience)

THEORYPEUTIC Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis
The Theory Of Everything – Onetwo
Desire of Ages – Sleepthief and Harland
Spirit Dance – Kopas
Fable – Amethysium
Breathe – Blue Stone
Sublnar (Sweet Angel) -Sleepthief with Kristy Thirsk
Alba – Steen
Breathe – Bliss
Substitute for Love – Blue Stone feat Sheyenne Rivers
The Weakness In Me – Onetwo
Heaven – Onetwo
Diamonds In The Sky – Husky Rescue

Rebirth :

envelop me in music deep
surround the ashes that i keep
undead inside me

encase corrupt in blinding white
drench black death in blazing light
and purify me

with healing music restore the flow
ressurect the passion that i know
remove the angle and the thorne
and from the ash become reborn

Rebirth Mixed by Peter Canellis
Floating on Air – Esowellnic
Beautiful – flotation feat pierre
Oh Home – Paco Fernandez
Lazy Summer Days – Elcho
Florentine is Like – Unknown
I Need A Miracle – KLM Music
Heartbeat of LIfe – Unknown
Whistle Song – Sunga t-experience
Rapture – IIO
Pour Lina – Smash
When Da Sun Is Gone – Jason Tyrello
Afterglow of Sunset – Northern Skyline

Mixed Grooves Mixed by Peter Canellis
Wilmot – The Sabres Of Paradise
10 Minutes Of Pleasure – Smooth Touch
Bleed – Shiloh
Echo Place – Headson Grove
Jam Jah Dub – Shambala
Reverso 68 – Reverso 68
Mixed Emotions – Sacha Wings
Stone Turns Black – Kaya Project
Walk On The Wild Side – DJ Disse
Ramblin Man – Lemon Jelly

A Flaggers Delight Mixed by Peter Canellis
Endless Silence/Arcada -ATB (Peter Re-Edit)
Air Traffic
Eastern Sea – Underwater
Symphony of Soul – Karl G
Beautiful Dub – DJ Shah
Beautiful Vocal – DJ Shah
The Fall – W.O.W.
Duality – DJ Shah
Promiseland – Wippenburg
Follow Me – Anya MacLeod

Love Making In A Waveform Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis
A Spiritual Journey – Dub Trees
Points of Awakening – Desert Dwellers
Rapture – IIO
Pagan Dream Machine – Entheogenic
Closer – Skye
Breathe – Bliss
Dreaming of You – The Thrillseekers
Healing Room – Carlos Torres
Track Prana Shakti – Desert Dwellers
Triangle – SFTG
Don’t Look Back – Bliss

Angels Dancing Mixed by Dj Peter Canellis
Palma Solmane – Re: Locate Estuera
Capoiera – Under Sun
Time is Serene – Mark Otten
No One On Earth – Above and Beyond
So Please – En Mass
Streamline – Activa
Sunrise – Mark Shey
The Calling – Solarstone
Il Te Aime – LOLO
Dreamcatcher – Any Duguid
Dancing Waters – Jedidja
Magic Crystals – Liquid Child
Beyond – Leon Boiler

Fly Away Mixed by Peter Canellis
Split – Mr Sam
Lost at Sea – The egg
Time is the enemy – Quantic
Satellite – BT
Silence – Vargo
Sleep – Conjure one
Stupid – Sara Mc Laughlin
Nothing but Sky – ?
Center Of the Sun – Conjure One
The Cure-?
Gabriel -Lamb
Existence – Bugge Weisdorf

Traveling Trance Mixed by Peter Canellis
Niagara – Mark Norman
Shades Of Asia – Signum
1000 Lullabies – Shane 54
Treasure Island – Andy Duguid
Love Theme and Dust – Mike Foyle vs Signal Runners
11 Days – Cold Bleu
Hypocrisy – Andy Duguid
Vapour Trails – Alexander Puru
Escape From Absolom – DJ Shah

Ibiza Tea Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis
Sweet Things – Charlotte Martin
Hold Me Now – Lasgo
Running – Information Society
But I Do – LeAnn Rimes
You Needed Me – Boyzone
The Promise – When In Rome
Duality – Sterbinsky
Promiseland – Wippenburg
Basic Love – ATB
Colour My Eyes – Mark Norman

Aqua :

I am the sea
I see the world
I am eternal
I never hurt

I am a river
I cut through land
I have a temper
no one can stand

I am a pond
I dwell in peace
my mask is my surface
no ripple nor crease

I am a drop
I drip, you see
I am water
I live in thee

yours sincerely


Elements Of Life – Water
Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis

Water Voices – Sounds Of Nature
Mermaid – Daughter Darling
Don’t Let The Dolphin Cry – Hoxman
Breathing Underwater – Anoushka Shankar
Sea Dreamer – Anoushka Shankar feat Sting
Underwater – Claire Fitch
Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness – Shpongle
Guided By Sea – Carlos Torres
Underwater – Vaporia
Gentle Rain – H. Joi
A Drop In The Ocean – Slackbaba
Underwater – Delirium
Walk On Water – Sonica

Stoli Hotel Episode 2 – Balearic Tribal, Tribal House
Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis

Beautiful – DJ Shah
White Sands – Sun Lounger
Soul To Bare – Joi Caldwell
Uninvited – Freemasons
Do You Know – J. Englesias
I Can – Unknown
Everybody Dance – Tony Moran
Keep Your Body Moving – Marth Wash
I Want Your Love – Jody Watley
Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna
Dance 4 Life – Tiesto

Stoli Hotel Episode 3 – Tribal Trance, Tribal Anthems Mixed By DJ Peter Canellis

Dance 4 Life – Tiesto
Colour My Eyes – Mark Norman
Beautiful Glimpse Of Heaven – Dj Shah
Palmarosa – DJ Shah
Body of Conflict – Cosmic Gate
I’ll Be Your Light – Kristine W.
If You Walk Away – Kristine W.
It’s Makes A Difference – Kim EnglishBig Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie
Gimmie More – Brittany Spears
The Promise – When In Rome

Beautiful Life
Worthy – Bluetech
Silence – Vargo
Gregorian Illuminati – Eno Motive
Relax – Vargo
Lean On Me – Sound From The Ground
I’m Calling Out – Blue Metheny
Sleep – Amanaska
Rising Slowly – Pan Electric
To The Sky – Liquid Motion
Make It Better – Amanaska
The Moment – Vargo
Wood Street – Serafim Tsotsonis

Love lost
by Christophe Mertens

Slipping through my fingers, your
silver shimmers, scar my heart

Trippin’ to the memories and fantasies
of sweet revenge, oh cruel romance

A parted part, of parted soul
waylayed with simple words

Bitter bites of glitter nights
forever seem to fall apart

In time and place, I’ll see the pieces
fraction friction, rays of light

Shine happiness to the remains
live away the endless night

Exotic Electronica – Spirit Poem
by Christophe, Mertens

Welcome, Welcome
prying eyes
I see a mask is your disguise

How very fitting,
yes indeed
but will it hide that which you need?

I am as ever in morbid rest
the ghostly host
that welcomes best
each eary guest, with modest gest.

I’ll let you in now, yes well done
back to bed as the clock strikes one.
enjoy this realm now, as we are bound
tonight we feast above the ground

All are here now, lest for Grim
he’ll make his entrance as we begin
so find a partner, spin span spun
tonight we dance, but not for fun.

ghosts are we, spirits, thin
paying for our mortal sin
when we are summoned, we heed the call
and try to survive, this monster ball.

The Journey Begins Mixed by DJ Peter Canellis
Pulusha – J. Solation
Tranquility Base – Rainbow Serpent
Seaside Travelling – Cybertribe
Skygazer – Alucidnation
Private Universe – Jon Hopkins
Time Code – Time Code
Memory Shell – Aes Dana
Aftermath – Aes Dana
Sun Of Haleaka – Paradise Blue

32 thoughts on “Episode Playlists

  1. Peter,

    Every day I listen to your music, I am reminded of how powerful music is! Excellent work!

  2. Your music is just awesome Peter!
    I’m glad so many of us out here are showing our love of it to you.
    It must be a great feeling!

    Keep it coming.

    Yours in music-

  3. Always been fan of Jose Padilla and Cafe del Mar. Heard itunes podcasts Always a fan now Peter.
    Keep reaching the places for us we never thought we had.
    Born Manchester, live in Brisbane oz.
    Your definately getting around ill spread the news.

  4. Peter,

    You’re an inspiration. Thank you for the healing energy you project, magnify and radiate to the universe.

    I look forward to exploring your mixes.


    Chicago * Dublin

  5. Love all that you have put out there and eagerly await each podcast release. You are proof that a DJ is not just about spinning records but how to combine the right music to create the right state of mind and leave a profound emotional impact.
    Thank You!

  6. Great tunes again Peter!!
    It is a pleasure listening to your mixes…
    Keep up the good work!
    BTW, where do you find those tunes?
    Thank you!!

  7. First of all THANK YOU for the amazing mixes, cant stop hearing them again and again just a perfect balance! After Surea the darker side #3 on 12/07/2008 havent seen any other 1 hour mixes, PLEASE…. Im eagerly waiting for the next one to download it!
    Mexico City – Mexico

  8. Hi Peter,

    i am a great fan of your music, 2-3 hours a day it´s DJ Peter Canellis-Time in my office… :)

    If you would like a re-design of your website, just tell me… wordpress rules but your theme is not as good as your music!!

    Happy to hear from you,


  9. Peter,

    Thanks. Your mixes are outstanding. I agree with your feelings toward music, no other medium can chage your mood like music. Surea – The Darker Side #2 is to me perfection – its starts out with such motivation and sustains it throughout.
    Question – Was there a Heaven’s Lounge I?

    Like the others, I too await your next mix.

    Goody, USA

  10. Hi Peter,
    Your music mixes is magic simply truly stunning. It brings smile to my face and warmth to my hearth… Thank You!

  11. Really love your recommendations Peter – thanks to you I have now discovered Sunlounger and have been enjoying their albums very much recently. Your musical taste is fabulous! Can’t wait to research some of the others too…

  12. Peter,
    I grew up and now live in the Chicago area. House has always been apart of my life, and you’ve certainly opened up a new chapter for me. Your work is an inspiration to me, and I strive to reach your level of perfection. Thank you for what you do.

  13. Peter,
    your music art is just great! It’s a pleasure to listen and you can make a perfect mix for any occsion – from hot party to ‘the day after’ chill-out sounds.
    Excellent work!
    keep on composing :)


  14. i just by chance found your podcast on itunes and im glad i did. your music is fascinating, for a long time ive been searching for the perfect sounds to back my style of guitar playing and heavens lounge II is perfect. i look forwards to hearing more of your work. thank you for your music, its perfect

  15. Hi, Peter,.,I found your podcast by chance in my iTunes and I think is so wonderful mixes for listen in home, iPod or record in a CD for my car….Thanks for your work. Regards from Spain.

  16. Peter- Found your podcasts on iTunes and I listen to them every day while working. I love the variety that you bring with your mixes. Keep up the good work. I look forward to all the future podcasts you come out with!

    Matthew, USA

  17. Hi Peter,
    since I found your podcasts about a year ago on i-tunes I’m a great fan of your work. I rank you along with our Dutch DJ’s Tiesto and Armin van Buuren in the top of the world. Your podcasts have a magnificent flow and serenity. Today is the first time I visit your great website and it’s good to find all the playlists, so we can see how you compose your work. I hope you can come to Holland one day to play for us here on one of the many trance/dance events.
    Keep up the good work and thanks so far for your great music.

    Roy, The Netherlands

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  19. Sifting through the archives of past podcasts, I found another set of tracks I REALLY enjoyed. “Spring Breeze” Vocal Mix 5-30-09. This one is getting me through another dreadful day of work. Keep pumping them out Peter.

  20. Hallo Peter,

    I´m a great fan of your music since i found your podcast in 2008. Want you to know that i really appreciate all the work and the energy you are putting into your sets and thank you for all the inspiration your music has given me! Keep up the good work!!

  21. Just listening to “Christmas in Space 2009” and these sounds are killing me! For me it is really the best one i´ve listened so far!

    “Thank You”

  22. Regards from El Salvador. I always listen to your music and I never get tired of it. Promise I will do the best I can to have you here at Central America; clubbing, mixing and dancing!!!

  23. Best from Denmark, I recently joined the Heavens trance podcasts on itunes and now that i have been listening from aorund #39-#69 i must say i am absulotely blown away by you latest episodes. OMG they are awesome!!!!

    Keep going!!!

  24. Truly an Excellent mixture of different enchanting songs. l would appreciate a track listing on heavens Lounge star lounge #1. Peter keep up the good work.God Bless you and be well. Jack Marchese

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