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Please send high quality 320 mp3 promos for the Heaven’s Lounge II podcast to

If you would like for me to come and play in your city, please email me any contact info or connections you may have for my management to contact. I would love to come and visit many of you. And one more thing. Please write a review on Itunes and my site.

Musically Yours,

DJ Peter Canellis

96 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I enjoyed a lot your last session. Congrats and keep mixing that way and delighting your listeners.

  2. Hi Peter, we have recently found your podcast and are just memorised with your sounds. quite what the universe orderd!! do you ever vist Hawaii? keep up the great work!


    Ward & Danielle

  3. Hi peter,
    I just found you on itunes. I think I will really enjoy you podcast. I am 70 years young and love to hike. I think your music will be going with me to keep me company, when I wants some. If I feel the same way about your podcast after using it for a while, I will definitely donate.

  4. hey peter

    loving your style and creativity man, amazing ear. i’m hooked. you’ve got another podcast subscriber here, and a soon-to-be donor. keep on keep keepin’ on…ciao

  5. Hi Peter,

    I am Demetrios Sengos’ fitness trainer in NYC and would like to talk to you.
    Could you call me or leave me a number I can call you on.



  6. just saw your dude site and was curious…very interesting “music” options…
    will b in Chicago this June…wanna hear & see more…b n touch,,,thanxxx

  7. Hi Peter
    How about a podcast with your all time favs of uptempo trance? That would rock I think.
    Do love your podcast…..
    Keep up the good mixes.

  8. Had to say Peter,cracking mixes…listening at home now…needed some uplifting dance…your mixes do it for me

  9. Can’t believe how much I enjoy these mixes..incredible! ‘Let’s succumb to the night’ Thank you!!

  10. Peter~

    Thank you for this creation. Amazing~Phenom~Fab…all those come to mind as I move through each of your podcasts.

    What a wonderful talent you posses—fusing music that moves me both emotionally & physically…on so many levels.

    Keep shining bright in the light that surrounds you my friend~


  11. Hey Peter,
    got the link to your website from Mike R.
    Love your music. It is definetly excellent.


  12. Hi Peter,

    First off I want to say that in just the first 10 minutes of exploring your music I’m an instant fan, love it!

    My company’s design was chosen for the opening Gala of the Art Institute Modern Wing this Saturday 5/9/09 and a few days ago the gala committee chairs asked us what kind of music would be good to play for the guest as they approach the dinner tent in Grant Park.

    We immediately thought the music needed to sound celebratory, modern and unique, almost experimental.

    For the last few days we’ve been in search for recorded music to be played. Basically were looking for about 30 to 45 minutes of music that would take the guest on a sensory journey and then fade into very minimal background music as they begin to sit at their tables and start conversations.

    I know this is very last minute, but I’d love it if you would call me to discuss further if you might be interested in putting something together for this occasion.

    Just let me know either way.

    I look forward to talking with you soon!

    Thank you,

    Bob Mertzlufft
    Heffernan Morgan, Inc.
    773-782-0800 x114
    312-953-3871 cell (best number to reach me as I will be at the jobsite for the next couple of days)

    PS – A few music segments I heard that sound like the direction we would want to pursue….
    Solaris, around -35:00
    THEORYPEUTIC, around -40:37
    Exotic Electronica, around -33:00

  13. Mate I have been listening to your tunes everyday and love it. You have some great tunes good variety and perfect technique.

    Hope that you will come out to Australia and crank out some tunes, I will be there for sure.

    Hope to catch you in Aus some time in the not to distant future.

    Congrats mate and keep the tunes coming.


  14. Hey Pete,

    lovin your stuff on the podcast. keep it up bro!!
    Great to listen to while studying and doing assignments.

    All the way from New Zealand!


  15. wallah you have a great work of all the Genre of music!

    Thank you again and again!


  16. Hi there,
    I love, love, love, you music mixes and listen to them going to sleep, whenever I invite friends over and really any time as what you produce is so varied. Anyway, also to let you know I’m in my mid sixties which ponts to the ability for your music to appeal to a broad segment of ages and musical interests.
    Wondering if you might (for us older folks) put a definition on the site of the types of music that go with the names -balearic etc? Keep up the amazing work!
    Toronto, Canada

  17. Oh and a list of selections of music great for relaxing/sleeping versus running, dancing? I have all of the casts from 2007 on!

  18. Hello from Atlanta, GA! I love your song choices for your podcasts. However, don’t even think about making another one like My Wish and making it available to your listeners. If your friend wants some crappy old love songs for his girlfriend, tell him to make her a mix tape from his 80’s cassette collection. Pure garbage on that one my man. I can’t believe you ended with a COUNTRY sounding song. Get back to what you do best…chilled out ambient mixes.

  19. Hey Peter how are you doin ???

    Hey Me and My some other Armenian Frineds are fun of you , and we were woundering If you will make Mix for US Using Armenian instumental music + DUDUK Music Trust me You will like it Sound Very very nice …
    Let me know plz you will do that and I will send you some CDs …
    Take Care my friend and have a creative life

  20. Peter: long time listener here. LOVE your mixes. I listen while cycling, cooking, studying, and even now and then…while actually dancing. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get around to commenting!

  21. Wow I am blown away by the amazing loung music by you on “Heavens Lounge” The selections and blending of the most beutiful music I have ever heard. It sends me off the planet. Music from the soul, you have opened me up to a new world.

    Thank You!

  22. Loving the sounds. I listened to the lounge mixes whilst writing my dissertation… and fingers crossed its soon to be published!!

    Thanks dude :)

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    mandy x

  23. Hi there,
    Wodering if you might do a walking mix for us elderly(!!) folks who cant keep up to the running ones. Any chance you might consider this? if anything would encourage me to walk it would be your music, it is beyond fabulous.
    By the way, if you are ever in Toronto around PRIDE weekend (a week ending in the big parade – first weekend approx July 1st. We have the largest parade after Sydney, AU. Im sure I could wrangle a guest gig at one of the stages if you were interested in combining business with pleasure, Should do a call out to all TO listeners.Thoughts?

  24. Hi Peter

    I hope all is well with you as I see no updates on your site or Itunes since June. I love your work and listen to nothing else now! I tell all my friends and collegues about your music, it just hits the spot in these economic gloomy times!

    I am in the UK so probably wont get to see you play, but listening is cool enough.

  25. hey peter,
    i love your podcasts and enjoy to run to your mixes. is there possibility to get playlists from the running grooves 1-3. on your website i only found the list of part 4.
    best regards from germany… and keep on running!

  26. I was so happy when I came across this web site. I hope you are doing well.

    Best wishes, hope to see and hear you soon.

  27. Ok. I told a fib; my daughter is now 6 and her birthday is the 29th and I told her that your music was for birthday( as you guys had like birthdays)… she was so happy, and danced all day and night.. we have played your birthday mix at least 10 time so she can dance to “her” music. I have been listen to you podcast for some time now and really dig’ the music, now with my little girl listening it’s even better! Thanks.

  28. I want to thank you for making the HUGEST difference for me in my experience on the Greek Cruise… I had the best time, you took me places! Loved seeing you “Holding the Space”, being the vessel… and you’re not a bad dancer, either! LOL! You really created magical moments – the scale, dimension and nobility in some of your choices lent an intelligent, timeless air… other times it felt like I was privvy to an inside joke… hearing your music was like getting to know you. Keep it up! I’m subscribing immediately!

  29. Would you consider putting a set together for a playful girl with her head in the clouds??? That would be me, of course!!

  30. Great music! Weather running or just chilling! Best remix was Daniel and Guy’s Gay Pride Cocktail mix – but that seems to have been wiped – both from computer and ipod post syncing. Not on website either! Is this a hitch at my end or the website? Would love to have it back!

  31. Hi Peter, thanks for your wonderful music. Its always a pleasure to listen to your podcasts. My favourite now is “The Greek Island Cruise Part 2” – Is there some more – may be part 3? with the best wishes from vienna/austria. Alexander

  32. Dj…..awsome stuff your producing!!come over to ASIA..Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…have a RAVE and you ll start minting money…

    Freakin awsome tracks..i love ur mixes…

  33. Heaven and Earth! Truly outstanding! Truly Mesmerizing! I can hardly wait for Pt 2
    Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and warm
    Matt in San Diego

  34. Great sounds Peter,
    Can’t wait for the runningtothebeat site.
    I use your running mixes for rowing, it works for me.
    Keep up the good work .
    Ian in North Germany

  35. C’mon folks, don’t ask for stuff unless you donate. I just donated, and now I’m going to ask.

    First though – wow, what a find. Thanks Mr Canellis!

    My request: can you please restore the Daniel and Guys Gay Pride Mix? Would love to hear it.

  36. I tried you on ITunes and was blown away. You weave such a beautiful muscial web. Thanks so much from NYC and Hawai’i

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