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Please send high quality 320 mp3 promos for the Heaven’s Lounge II podcast to

If you would like for me to come and play in your city, please email me any contact info or connections you may have for my management to contact. I would love to come and visit many of you. And one more thing. Please write a review on Itunes and my site.

Musically Yours,

DJ Peter Canellis

96 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey, Peter !
    You look fantastic and what great success you’ve had – right on! Do you ever play in San Francisco?
    Rick Amaro

  2. Hello Peter!

    Many thanks for fantastic music to keep me working into the late hours. I needed to write to say how awesome your mixes have been – especially ‘Walking Mix (120-125 spm)’. Pure bliss for the ears.

    Action speaks louder than words: donations coming forthwith!


  3. Hello Peter,

    Love your style, specially the Steamworks sessoins, Angels Dancing and Surea.

    Also the Lounge Sessions are verry good.

    Sure I am voting for Canellis in the dj top 100.

    When are you comming to Holland?

    I really, really, like to go to one of your gigs.

    Keep up the good work!

    Gretings from the Netherlands.

    Roel de Smit

  4. Thanks for putting together some great tracks. Your lounge sets are great! I enjoy listening to them on long drives or while I’m working. Keep it up!
    Best from San Diego!

  5. Hi Peter , i m a big fan of your podcasts and always happy to see a new set coming in .

    do you still make playlists because i couldn t find the last one 47 ?

    Anyway i hope to be at a liveset once , maybe in germany this year …

    thanks thanks thanks :)

    Ron van der Mije

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  6. Hi Peter, thanks for your wonderful music. Its always a pleasure to listen to your podcasts.
    I’m from the north of the Netherlands.
    Wish you all the best
    By the way I’m 59 years old.

    Greatings Henk

  7. Hi Peter, been wanting to write since i subscribed to your podcast a year ago. Its the best so far. There is no other to match your talent!! I have no words to describe how i feel when i listen to your mixes. Its awesome how you put it all together!! Thank God for DJ Canellis and esp Itunes for podcasts!!!!! I am always looking forward to the next podcast and btw, I live in Sydney.

    Thanks and Keep it up


  8. Thank you for your amazing podcasts!

    Loving it! Hope to see you live sometime..

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    Oh.. and I’m 23 years old ;).

  9. as requested .. listener info


    good work. keep it happening, please

  10. After discovering trance in the late 90’s I’ve always been looking for the right balance of beats and ambience. You’ve got it right, mate.

    Dan in Slovakia, 35 yrs

  11. Peter in response to your request to help you out with gathering info for your promoting. I’m from L.A. going on 38yrs of age and also was once a progressive trance DJ. I respect your artistic capability of compiling music. I like yourself use to put my heart and soul into my mixing. You kick ass my friend. If you want to response that would be great, if not no worries. I will try to have more people download your podcast mixes. Good luck

  12. Dear Peter, I have listen to your music on i-tunes, and I have download heavens trance.
    Very nice music, I love your music, keep on playing..
    Greetings from the Netherlands…

  13. Dear Peter in reponse to your request:

    I’m from ANDORRA I’m 44 years old

    sorry for my english in spanish ERES MUY GRANDE… recuerdos desde Andorra.

  14. Hi Pete,
    I’ve been listening for 2 years from the Land of Oz (Australia), Sydney in fact. I’m 47 years old and tune via your podcast downloaded from iTunes.
    Take easy!

  15. Hi Peter C,
    I have listened to you for ages through itunes and think your music is fantastic – I use it regularly for training and for entertainment – I shall take you with me when I trek Machu Picchu later this year – keep it up!!!
    Richard D (48 years young)

  16. Peter –

    I just recently found you and subscribed to your Podcast ( Heaven’s Trance & Heaven’s Lounge) on ITunes and just want to say thank you for serving up some awesome mixes. I love it all…from the lush vocals to the melodic trance…your music gets me going at the gym and at home.

    Keep up the massively brilliant work.

  17. Hi Peter,
    From the Netherlands, this is Marc. I’m a huge fan of your sets and play them often. In the gym, garden while lounging or during dinner. I love it!
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Marc

  18. I am a fifty-six year old woman who lives in Central Texas, and I love both your Heaven’s Lounge and Heaven’s Trance shows. Please keep up the good work. I can hardly wait to see what you create next!

  19. hi i am runing with your podcast verry nice loking forward for some new one
    i am 36 jears
    keep up the good work

  20. Donde puedo encontrar los titulos de todas los podcast, ya no estan en la pagina.

  21. 46 M in NY, Ex London, No regrets. Best Podcast on itunes and the only one I get the inclanation to listen to. You’ve opened my eyes up to some music I would never have found otherwise. Sub Sub – Southern trees being one of them. I can’t thank you enough.

  22. You are THE BEST DJ in the world my dear friend :-) Of course, there are a few others that are the best as well. XX OO

  23. Miss the music… Me and my daughter have caught up, and we need more.
    Last year my daughter and I realized that her birthday was close to your, and we danced to you birthday mix; she loved it. Since then each week we dance to one of your mixes, starting from the very first, on Apple’s pod cast site. We will be tuning in via internet, for that overall goodness we get from your music.. Thanks

  24. Absolutely awesome podcasts!! Question: Does anyone know the artist and song name on podcast “Running Grooves #2 Tempo Run 133bpm coasting at 9 min miles” from 9 mins 40 seconds into the podcast till approx 15 mins 40 seconds. It is an awesome euphoric piano trance tune and I dont know what it is. Thanks.

  25. Peter!

    One of your first customers, you played for us on the balcony of the New York Athletic Club opening for the Gay Games in 1992, and still your biggest fan.

    Congratulations on your many successes.

    Tim Hennessey

  26. Peter – I spent most of my time downstairs at Real Bad, you keep me there, you keep me dancing and I loved your chill vibe. I can’t imagine what you would do if they unleash you on the main floor next time!!

  27. I have been running to your beat for a year now. Thank you for your podcast, thank you for your music.

  28. Chris,

    I did!! Federal prison for 4 years. Back in my crystal meth drug induced DJ years. Yep got caught up in hoopla of a mess. Been sober now for 13 years. Why do you ask?


  29. i love your stes have all of them from the first it takes me to another levels, reminds of great places and times and has got me thru some very dark times recently. I hope you continue to produce some more fabulous lounge sets,

    do you have a track list for reborn (amazing) and thanksgiving 2013? good health hope you got over the your health blip and are now fit and well and Saint your doggy? much love friend x

  30. Dear Peter,

    I have been a subscriber to your podcast since 2009 and continue to enjoy your awesome mixes.

    Please share how to download Running to the Beat tracks. The website is also not responding.


  31. Hi Peter

    Am really missing your lounge uploads – please may we have another one soon?

    Also, for some reason, only some of the links on your website actually manage to play the music – if I click on others, it just causes the webpage to crash. Is there any way of fixing this please as at the moment I can only listen to Dreaming of You and Fly Away without it crashing. Some days, I cannot even get these two to work either. I believe I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

    I hope you are well and look forward to being able to listen to more of your historical work and hopefully a few new ones too! I listen at work on my computer, so only lounge music is suitable!

    Best wishes to you.


  32. Peter I absolutely love your mixes! I drive for lone distances and down load your podcasts and listen to them! It never fails, that the song playing coexist with the senery passing by!

    Thank you so much

  33. Hi Peter, miss your mixes. Too long ago since last podcast. What is the first song on Heaven’s
    Lounge Returns May 2010? One of my alltime
    With my best regards

  34. Thanks for the inspirational songs that keep me running . Hope you are enjoying a well deserved break .

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