5 thoughts on “Running Grooves Negative split#1 8-10min miles 130-134 bpms-NRG VOCALS

  1. Hello Peter,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for this awesome podcast! The running grooves #1 is a very, very nice one. If I may express that wish.. please do more such podcasts. I’m a runner too and its a pleasure to have the music thats fits to this situations. Its very stimulating.

    greeting from Stuttgart/Germany,


  2. Hi, Peter Guess What? I am listening to your podcasts… I love them! I am downloading them to my iphone. Cant wait to work out with your mixes.


  3. Greetings Peter –

    Many thanks for producing this awesome mix! Rarely do I come across the absolutely perfect blend and balance of beautiful vocals and electronica music. This work really was fantastic…and head & shoulders above other DJs’ podcasts.

    Thank you again, and stay groovin’!

    Washington, D.C.

  4. can you please post the artists and track names for this playlist. I am having trouble finding it on this site. I would really appreciate it.

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