Summer Chill (Lush Vocals, Dreamy Melodies, Hypnotic Rhythms)


My arms are wrapped around you as we soar thru the clouds to Heaven.


10 thoughts on “Summer Chill (Lush Vocals, Dreamy Melodies, Hypnotic Rhythms)

  1. I love the Summer Chill podcast. It sound so nice! Thank you very much for keep coming out with great music.

  2. very very nice ,can some one tell me the name of the song on 28.00 min? becose i adore it ^^


  3. if I’d had to rank your podcasts this one would be one of the bests…

    Thank you

  4. hello Peter!

    i did come back to your website again!

    i found new podcasts

    this one are so Nice!

    keep going!

    you are the best!

    Thank you!

  5. Peter: Thanks for your beautiful work with the Summer Chill. It’s wonderful. Thanks for posting on iTunes. Peace.

  6. i have literally been to heaven and back with this set… omg. i can not stop smiling in bliss and am sharing it with everyone i know! well, at least the elevated ones who can truly appreciate it. thank you again, peter, and a super duper big fat loving NAMASTE!!

    eternally, roldan

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