Chicago Marathon 2008 #1 of 4(Running Music)

Chicago Marathon 2008 Start
Chicago Marathon 2008 Start

  Dear Friends,
This is the first of 4 hours of running music from my Marathon Race.
This first segment is the “Get Me Running” hour



6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon 2008 #1 of 4(Running Music)

  1. Hiya Peter. Having trouble downloading this from iTunes and it won’t open on your site either….

    Look forward to getting it soon! I need some great music to clean my car to this afternoon! Sam

  2. Hi Peter, I get the advice by a community-friend in germany to visit I-Tunes. I found your chicago-marathon-mix and I enjoy it. Very good music! Keep on mixing… Best regards from germany!

  3. Hey From Syria, Peter!

    I was in my work place “Cafe Net” while i’m like i used to be “STONED”, I think you know the clear of this word from my last comment and you got the Point of puting something like SOUND untouchable of our all mind the people, they have to give the MIX a little attention if you wanna to be called “HIS A GOOD AND ATTENTIVENESS OF THIS GENRE”

    I did listen to “Chicago Marathon 2008 #1 of 4(Running Music)” today , i’m still listen and clear the mind and “STONED while writing this comment “LOL”

    the sound amazing , and poetical it’s like you runing on the earth, and having Unknown thing in your hand and can’t stop, cuz you’ll fail down in the darkness, until the “MIX” stop, i think i’m gonna RUN like 40 min now “LOL”

    waiting your NEW and thinking to have a conversation about concert’s in my country “SYRIA”, the most of the people in there opened minded on this “GENRE” and they can dance and feel it like you and me!

    waitin’ a reply soon!

    Best Regard,

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