3 thoughts on “Aerus (Lost In Space Mix)- Space Ambient Relaxation, Recovery Music 4am -5am

  1. Hi,

    Many many thanks for your Heaven’s Lounge II works. I stumbled upon them
    via iTunes, a very rare treat!

    There are so many types of ‘dance’ music that it’s difficult to describe
    your own tastes. Every once in a while you find someone who plays exactly
    what you say is ‘your own’. Heaven’s Lounge II does that for me so it makes
    listening to your mixes a very personal and uplifting experience.

    Awesome choice of music, a thousand thank yous!

    Best wishes
    Neville Mooney

    P.S. I’m listening to the Stoli Hotel sets at the moment, can you tell me
    more about that event?

  2. I have been depressed for a couple months now. To me this day was just one of those miserable days you wish to forget. I was doing my paper round and then this amazing podcast popped up. I was so relaxed that I extended my paper round with half an hour and I almost got hit by a car. However, I didn’t mind at all. It really made my day alot better and alot more relaxing.

    Thanks for making me smile in quite a while :)

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