11 thoughts on “Beautiful Endeavors Tempo Run 132 bpm 9 mins of coasting- Soft House/Trance Vocals

  1. Hey Peter,
    I write to You, cuz You asked for feedback in one of your later Podcasts.
    I’m listening to it almost daily. Especially your Trance mixes are superb. I
    really love them. As for me, I would like to hear more such mixes.
    God bless, Simon (a fan from Germany!)

  2. Hi Peter,
    great idea to split the show in two since I almost listen to the relaxing stuff. This is very beautiful music and absolut perfect for calming down after work…. I do like trance especially travelling trance and the running groves episodes – it is kind of cup of coffee to me – best in the morning or any time I need to be alert – so some of the “trance ones” are also always on my iPod 😉

    thanks for your great work!

  3. Peter, Thanks for the incredible mixes. I love the lounge mixes as much as your trance.


  4. Peter,

    Your latest show “Beautiful Endeavors” is amazing. I am a big Tiesto fan, and now you stand right next to him. Incredible work.

    Keep them coming Peter

    Aaron Whitehead

  5. Peter,

    I have been listening to your show I think since the very beginning. Oh, BTW you asked for feedback so here it is. I love it. You have had some bumps here and there with downloading issues but otherwise your shows are 5 star caliber. In my opinion one of the top podcast, radio shows on the internet. It is obvious to me at how much thought you put into each show.

    Big Fan,


  6. Peter,

    Thanks for the music. Your ability to create feeling and emotions thru your music is truly amazing. I listen to your shows daily.

    I am addicted.

    thanks peter

    drew jansky

  7. Hiya Peter
    I came across your podcasts by chance last Sunday when I did a search for
    Cafe Del Mar on iTunes. I took a chance and selected Get All before
    listening to any of them, and I am soooo glad I did! I have listened
    non-stop all week and have already recommended it to 2 more people, even
    though I’ve only listened to about a third of what I downloaded.

    I wanted to learn more so checked out your site and have just discovered
    that I have missed out on back issues. :( Is there any way I can get to
    download them sometime? I am also really excited to learn about Dance Lounge
    and will be searching for that as soon as I get home!!

    I love your versatility and am so impressed with what I’ve heard so far,
    and I’ve still got hours ahead of me yet…

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing such beautiful, uplifting

    Sam, UK

  8. Peter,

    That is such a fantastic mix, you never cease to amaze me. You a the master of your of your art.

    Love ya.


  9. Peter,

    That is such a fantastic mix, you never cease to amaze me. You are the master of your art.

    Love ya.


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